Distribution & Logistics Conveyor Belt System Services

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RJ EVANS: I’m RJ with Nationwide Belting Sales and Service. We’ve been in business since 2008 and I want to talk to you about the logistics business. One of our specialties is focusing on the logistics centers, logistics being a Best Buy, a Lowe’s, Target, Amazon facility. It can be any type of facility that is moving parcel from a manufacturer to a consumer.

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RJ EVANS: We focus on the two major OEM manufacturers which are Intelligrated and Dematic. We also get into some Vanderlande materials and each of those manufacturers have specific part numbers that they require and use at the end-user level. We have an exhaustive list of the part numbers, Dematic part numbers and Intelligrated part numbers that we can help guide and service you with the belting that is used in each of those applications. That application could be a merge, it could be an induction belt, it could be a right angle transfer, it could be an MDR, it could be a general convenience application. We focus and specialize in each of those belts that are serviced in those industries.

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RJ EVANS: So in the logistics business we have been in and around distribution centers for many, many years. And we would really love to help you out just understanding not only the industry but the belts are used within that industry. We would love to have a conversation with you about what we could do to help our distributor partners, and how to become a distributor partner of ours. Our experience in logistics is something that we’re very proud of and I believe that we can help you increase your sales and increase your visibility within your end user partnership.

RJ EVANS: RJ Evans With Nationwide Building Sales and Service. When you have a challenge belt and you can’t find it. Call us at (419) 287-7092.

Experiencing a belting or conveyor problem? We’re here to help you. Call today!