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Our MSHA and OSHA-certified crew members are professionally trained to install, repair, and vulcanize your entire conveyor belt on-site, without the downtime.

conveyor belt repair technician

Nationwide Belting provides top-notch conveyor belt installation services to businesses and industries of all sizes. 

Our experienced conveyor belt installation technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to replace and install a brand-new conveyor belt system with little downtime for your business.

When you choose our conveyor installation service, you can trust that you are working with a company that is dedicated to delivering the best belt service, for the best possible results.

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We offer a wide range of conveyor belt services including vulcanized rubber belts and belt splicing.

Nationwide Belting‘s industrial belt experts can splice belts of various sizes and types, ensuring a strong and durable splice that can withstand the demands of your operations. Our belt splicing services involve joining two conveyor belts together to create a longer belt for larger applications. Vulcanized belt services make your conveyor belts more resistant to abrasion, impact, and heat, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial purposes.

On-site industrial belt splicing and rubber vulcanization are quick, safe, and allow your business to use endless belts, whether preferred or necessary. We can help you navigate the various types of conveyor belt splices and identify the one fitting your needs.

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Are you frequently experiencing downtime with your conveyor belt? Our experienced professionals will provide a thorough conveyor belt inspection, identify potential issues, and provide relevant conveyor belt repair services.

No matter the source of the issue, our conveyor belt repair crew will ensure your machine is running properly by inspecting your conveyor belt for stress and checking all vulcanized and mechanical splices.

Our conveyor belt inspection services can help prevent costly downtime and ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency. Get the most our of your operations with the right conveyor belt repair services.

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If your belt needs reassembly, our team can make minor or major adjustments on-site while also adjusting tail pulleys, idlers, and rollers as part of our conveyor belt repair service.

We can help remove worn or damaged lagging from your pulleys and replace them with newer, high-quality material.

To ensure a strong and durable bond between pulley and lagging material, we use only the best conveyor belt materials, equipment, and practices. 

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large rubber belt for pulley relag
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We ensure you have the right splice for your application with endless non-mechanical splicing solutions, custom splicing options, Thermoplastic belt splicing, and belt lacing. Our services also include vacuum and perforated belting to match your specifications.

We use the highest quality conveyor belt materials and equipment to ensure a secure and long lasting connection.

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Wear can be caused by a wide variety of different processes. These can include repeated belt slipping, impacts, scuffing, scraping, sliding and grinding, among other motions. Rubber abrasion resistance is the ability of the rubber to withstand such abrasive wear. Nationwide offers a wide variety of abrasive resistant rubbers to keep the wear and tear of your equipment to a minimum.

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